The Intermediate Guide to Nutritional Disorder

The Intermediate Guide to Nutritional Disorder, Nutrition is part of health. Good health is directly related to nutrition. Lack and excess of nutrition cause various nutritional disorders. If we take nutrition-less diet for a long time. So the nutrient deficiency appears as some disorder. Deficiency disorder affects the structure and function of the body part.

The Intermediate Guide to Nutritional Disorder
The Intermediate Guide to Nutritional Disorder

Excess nutrients in the diet are also harmful to the body. If we take animal fats in excessive amounts. These fats cause cardiovascular diseases. Namely. diseases of the heart and blood vessels. A high intake of animal protein can lead to cancer of the large intestine. Extra nutritional vitamins, equivalent to A and D, have a hostile impact on the physique.

In the previous line, we try to define exactly the nutritional disorder. Now we can say that the diet should not have excess or deficiency of nutrients for a normal healthy body.

List of nutritional disorders

The deficiency is caused by a lower intake of protein, calories, vitamins, and minerals in the diet. Next, we discuss the list of nutritional deficiency diseases.

1. Kwashiorkor

It is a protein deficiency disease. This is the most widespread type of malnutrition. It commonly affects infants and children between 1 and 3 years of age.


Common symptoms of Kwashiorkor are underweight, growth retardation, poor brain development, loss of appetite, anemia, a bulging belly, thin legs, and bulging eyes. Edema of the lower legs and face and change in skin and hair color can also occur in Kwashiorkor. Most nutritional deficiency symptoms are common.


Absence of lower intake of proteins causing Kwashiorkor. Serval infection diseases such as diarrhea, measles, a respiratory infection that weakens the child. There are some factors that contribute to disease.


Proteins are building food. Which are essential for tissue growth and repair. You need adequate protein intake through diet. Good sources of protein are legumes, eggs, milk, leafy vegetables, peas, and beans.

2. Marasmus

It is a form of prolonged protein-energy malnutrition (PEM). It affects babies under one year of age.


This disease is caused by the deficiency of all nutrition. Protein deficiency is also caused by marasmus. It affects infants when breast milk is substituted for low-protein foods. Malnutrition, immunodeficiency, and ij infection are the world’s leading causes of infant and child death.


Due to protein deficiency, impaired physical growth. And mental development is delayed. Side fat disappears. The limbs become very thin. The skin becomes dry, thin, and wrinkled. Keep losing weight. Digestion and absorption of the body are also very poor or stops. This leads to diarrhea.


Babies are given a good nutritional diet. The diet also contains an adequate amount of protein.

3. Dry eyes (xerophthalmia)

Dry eyes are caused by vitamin A deficiency. It is an ocular filament due to the lack of the lacrimal gland, it can result in bacterial growth.

So it also causes corneal ulceration and even blindness. Proper eye care and vitamin A intake helps to overcome these diseases. Read the dough’s eye care tips.

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4. Night blindness (Nyctalopia)

Night blindness is also caused by vitamin A deficiency. It is the inability of the person to see in low light. If we take a regular intake of vitamin A in the diet. So the chances of night blindness are very less. Good sources of vitamin A are vegetables, carrots, and eggs.

The Intermediate Guide to Nutritional Disorder
The Intermediate Guide to Nutritional Disorder

5. Anemia

Home remedies for treating anemia

Nutritional deficiency anemia is mainly caused by deficiencies of vitamin B12, folic acid, and iron deficiency. The reduction in hemoglobin content is mainly due to iron deficiency.

Foods rich in iron and other nutritious foods help cure nutritional deficiency anemia. Foods like beans, leafy vegetables, shellfish, seeds, and nuts. Dark green vegetables and red meat help to cure the dough. Read details about anemia

6. Beriberi

It is caused by a deficiency of vitamin B1 or thiamine. The main symptoms are weight loss, loss of appetite, growth retardation, weakness in the hands and legs. Regular intake of vitamin B helps cure beriberi.

7. Scurvy

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) deficiency is the cause of scurvy. The glasses s

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